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Vixen or Castro ✧ minor, He / Him . She / HerI luvvvvvvv my gf !!Hispanic/black ✧ D, A, S, Z, L, V, M, I, D >>>>>>>© hearts4vixen

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<3CORYXKENSHIN Fnaf Foggy weather Sammyfendi <3 LIL PEEP!! Music Ahs Euphoria Sammyfendi Spiderman Girl Interrupted Hazbin Hotel American Psycho Silent Hill horror related stuff Street Fashion FNF 𝐌𝐲 𝐠𝐟 ✧˖°
</3Dream likers music haters the dark incest/RA/SA/MAP jokes dsmp


☑I have huge mood swings and sometimes get super pressed over dumbshit so please be mindful and patient w/ me.☑ I sometimes talk a lot about my hyper fixation so if I talk about them too much just tell me and I’ll stop !! talk about my friends a lot too !!☑ don't fuckin send me porn or NSFW unless its the topic we’re both talking about consensually☑ if you like dsmp dni. Please. Don't vent to me if you never asked to !! Don't bring up my ex bsfs. seriously don't, unless I bring them up first.

☑ If you have nothing in common with me☑ hate on people for no reason
(I seriously fuckin’ despise that.)
☑ Never talk bad about my favorite song artist/artist/show/movie/etc. you will be ignored.☑ If you can't handle jokingly mean comments.